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25 to Life
Intense Police game in urban action third person shooter

Requirement: 3D Accelerator 64MB DirectX 9, 256 MB RAM
OS: Windows 2000/XP and later , 1038 Mb

 25 to Life
25 to Life is the game the streets have been waiting for. Play as either cops or gangsters, in this urban action third person shooter. The game delivers intense Online gameplay for up to 16 players, as well as a rich single player experience.

Set in the heart of today's cities, experience the gritty lifestyles of police task forces or as a gangster survive the local neighborhood thugs while fighting your way up the ranks. Bust out of prison, or infiltrate the inner sanctum of the drug lord's mansion, your knowledge of the streets will be put to the test because 25 to Life IS the streets!

Battle online with up to 16 players in this intense urban battlefield. Establish and defend your turf or uphold the law and exchange fire against your opponents using the USB Headset! Compelling single player game-play. Experience the world of 25 To Life as you try to survive life on the grind as a rising Thug forced into life threatening situations. Highly interactive urban environment delivers a superior and realistic game-play experience. Car alarms, barking dogs, and pedestrians are few of the items that may give your position away. Fully customizable character system gives you the freedom to define your looks and style. Display your ranking by unlocking and customizing your gear with the latest threads! Robust weapons arsenal includes both lethal and non-lethal ways to take down your opponents. Cutting Edge Hip Hop soundtrack featuring undeniable rap classics as well as the best of current and breaking artists. Hot police game.
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OS: Windows 2000/XP and later , 1038 Mb
Requirement: 3D Accelerator 64MB DirectX 9, 256 MB RAM

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