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Capitalism II
Business Simulation using marketing, manufacturing, purchasing, importing...

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Requirement: DirectX 8, 64 MB RAM
OS: Windows 95/98SE/2000/Me/XP and later , 60 Mb

 Capitalism II
Use marketing (newspaper publishers, TV, and radio stations) , manufacturing, purchasing, importing, retailing, and more to become a corporate CEO. Capitalism II features 2 new campaigns: the Capitalist Campaign and the Entrepreneur Campaign, plus an in-depth tutorial to make the most complex business strategy a breeze to learn. Create and control the business empire of your dreams! Hire and fire upper management positions such as Chief Operating Officer, Chief Marketing Officer, and Chief Technical Officer. Play multi- player up to 7 players.
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OS: Windows 95/98SE/2000/Me/XP and later , 60 Mb
Requirement: DirectX 8, 64 MB RAM

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