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ChapayChi Carrom
Download ChapayChi Carrom board game

Requirement: 3D video card, 64 mb ram, DirectX 8.0
OS: Windows 95/98/ME/2000/NT/XP , 6 Mb

 ChapayChi Carrom
Using billiards technics you could win in checkers. Compete on three playfields with unique initial positions and physical properties. There are three long-play campaigns. You can spend several pleasant hours trying to beat a computer on the "expert" level or playing with friends, enjoying a great variety of game situations. This game is used by combat masters and medicals, managers and musicians, jurists and prisoners, men and women for focusing and relaxation. Parents who left their children in playing the game CHAPAY CHI are assured that their children carry out time with benefits for intellect.

Realized: Alexander the Great shield, board of the Knight,Shaman's tambourine. The objective of Chapay Chi is to reveal the most skilled, careful and successful player. The winner is the player who managed to flick all opponent's draughts off the game board while saving at least one home draught on the playfield. The purpose of the game is to explore and understand the universe and concepts such as lightness and darkess, motion and rest, inhalation and expiration. CHAPAY CHI is a method of meditation, psycho- training, instruction, testing and leisure. HISTORY OF CHAPAY CHI 26 millennium B.C. CENTRAL ASIA According to the myths of the people living in territories of the contemporary Mongolia, Siberia and Far East, The great wise man, Shaman Cha obtained this game from the sun and moon and commanded it to his descendants as the method of the familiarizing of oecumenical accordion. 10 thousand years ago. NORTH AMERICA LAKE HURON The Indian tribes of Huron and Delaver were in fatal battle against one another. The daughter of the leader, Wise Pay, saw that many glorious warriors will perish in the battle. So she proposed to solve the situation with the aid of the celestial game. In the course of time the game was transformed into the hockey and curling. 10 - 12 centuries A.D. THE NEAR EAST Knights and crusaders, noted their love for comfort and the convenience, transferred CHAPAY CHI to the checkerboards, and obtained in combat with the Saracens Christian church in 12 centuries perceived in this game heretical motives. Those playing this game in holy Europe in quested and burned on the bonfire as the accomplices of assassins. 1917.REVOLUTION IN RUSSIA CHAPAY CHI got the second generation because of legendary red division commander Vasiliy Chapaev. Controlling the checkers duel between the captured officers, he pronounced: "they get victory not by intellect, but by aspiration". And by one flick of finger he knocked out several figures from the board.
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OS: Windows 95/98/ME/2000/NT/XP , 6 Mb
Requirement: 3D video card, 64 mb ram, DirectX 8.0

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