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Cribbage Squares Solitaire
One-player cribbage game, build the best possible cribbage hands

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OS: Windows 95/98/2000/2003/NT/Me/XP , 2 Mb

 Cribbage Squares Solitaire
The object of Cribbage Squares Solitaire is to build the best possible cribbage hands in both the rows and columns. Cards are dealt from the deck one at a time. You select the position to place this card by moving the mouse to that position in the grid and clicking the left mouse button. Alternatively, you can also drag the card to desired position in the grid.

When 16 cards have been dealt from the deck the computer will turn over the Starter card and will then score the hands based on the traditional rules of cribbage. Each row's total will appear to the right of the row, and each column's total will appear beneath the column. Clicking on a row or column score will show a breakdown of how the score was tallied.
By Saltybrine
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OS: Windows 95/98/2000/2003/NT/Me/XP , 2 Mb

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