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Dead Man Hand
Western Cowboys shooting game with adventures

Requirement: Hardware T&L 3D Video Card 32 MB, DirectX 9.0b, 256 MB RAM
OS: Windows 2000/98/98SE/Me/XP , 483 Mb

 Dead Man Hand
As the story unfolds, you will pursue members of 'The Nine,' a gang of ruthless outlaws who betrayed you and left you for dead. For the first time ever, you can experience the best elements of the Western genre, brought straight from the silver screen to your PC.

Gunslinging, bar brawls, horseback action sequences, train chases and epic showdowns are just part of the Old West feel in this bona fide 'period piece' adventure. An epic Western adventure set in the deserts and hills of the old Southwest, the mountains and mine shafts of the great Northwest, and the riverboats and cities of the Midwest.

Video gameplay horseback sequence

Choose between 9 different fire arms, modeled on the pistols, shotguns and rifles that made the Old West famous Other weapons include knives, dynamite, fixed Gatling guns and cannons.
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OS: Windows 2000/98/98SE/Me/XP , 483 Mb
Requirement: Hardware T&L 3D Video Card 32 MB, DirectX 9.0b, 256 MB RAM

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