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Horatios Travels
Serve a huge variety of ice cream orders, from a simple cone to complex sundaes

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Requirement: DirectX: 8.0 RAM: 128 MB
OS: Windows XP/Vista and later , 24 Mb

 Horatios Travels
Help a flightless bird see the world in Horatio's Travels, a fast and fun new time management game from the creators of the hit Big City Adventures series and Tropix! Horatio just can't sit still with so many places to visit and people to meet. But with wings better suited to swimming and legs that wobble more than walk, it's hard for a penguin to travel.

Horatio is, however, very, very good at making delicious frozen snacks. The solution? He'll start an ice cream stand to fund his wanderlust! Follow Horatio on a globe-trotting adventure of fun as he takes his tasty treats around the world. Scoop up each customer's specific request and deliver it to them before they run out of patience and split. An ice cream cone is one thing, but as Horatio's journey continues, his orders get more and more complex. Along the way, you'll meet a crazy collection of customers including picky pirates, mischievous monkeys, adorable bear cubs, and more. Featuring addictive gameplay, gorgeous animations, and hours of time management fun, Horatio's Travels is a colorful adventure for everyone! Play Horatio's Travels free with the trial version, or purchase the full version and see you have what it takes to become the fastest scoop in paradise!
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OS: Windows XP/Vista and later , 24 Mb
Requirement: DirectX: 8.0 RAM: 128 MB

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