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Hoyle Tetris Panic
Play the Official Rules of Tetris, game download provided by Hoyle

Requirement: 128 MB RAM
OS: Windows 98/98SE/Me/XP and later , 335 Mb

 Hoyle Tetris Panic
Download and play Tetris games, designed with the official Tetris rules from HOYLE, the Official Name in Games. This Hoyle Tetris soft is also known as Hoyle Puzzle and Board Games. The software includes also over 40 classic and new puzzle and board games. You can create your own character with Face Creator, customizing everything from facial features to clothes. Interactive computer opponents with multiple skill levels to challenge everybody.

In Hoyle Tetris Panic, pieces of several different shapes fall from the top of the game board, and you move and rotate them as they drop to fit them onto the board. Panic has three unique games; you can choose the game you want to play in the Panic Settings dialog box.

More details are included in the demo to learn how to play that game.
Classic: Clear lines from the board by filling them with blocks.
Lineout: Clear specific lines by filling them with blocks.
Packer: Pack the board with pieces while keeping blocks of like color together.

All games have these common features:

There are seven shapes of pieces, representing all possible configurations of four adjacent squares. In the Classic and Lineout games, each shape is a unique color (so that you can more easily identify it); in the Packer game, each shape is made up of two different colors.
Pieces can be rotated clockwise or counter-clockwise and moved left and right as they drop down the screen.
The piece to be dropped next is shown at the top left of the screen.

If a piece can't be dropped because there are blocks at the top of the game board, the game (or level, for Packer) ends.
Game levels get progressively more difficult. You can start a new game at any level you reached in a previous game. To start from a level other than the first, adjust the Starting Level indicator in the Panic options.
By Encore Software, Inc..
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OS: Windows 98/98SE/Me/XP and later , 335 Mb
Requirement: 128 MB RAM

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