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Monopoly Junior
The Board Game for Kids available for PC

Requirement: 32 Mb ram, SVGA 3D Video Card 2MB DirectX 6.1
OS: Windows 95/98 and later , 145 Mb

 Monopoly Junior
See the best selling junior board game come to life in a fabulous environment, with spectacular animation and great characters. Even the smallest tycoons can feel like a wheeler-dealer, from buying rides and setting up ticket booths, to collecting money from other players. They'll also enjoy playing the fun mini-games as they move around Mr. Monopoly's amusement park. The game ends when someone runs out of money, leaving the child with the most money as the winner!
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OS: Windows 95/98 and later , 145 Mb
Requirement: 32 Mb ram, SVGA 3D Video Card 2MB DirectX 6.1

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