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Penguin Puzzle
Help save the creatures of the North Pole. They're frozen in ice cubes!

Requirement: Directx 8.0, 32 MB RAM
OS: Windows 2000/95/98/Me/XP and later , 18 Mb

 Penguin Puzzle
Penguin Puzzle is an extraordinarily addictive puzzle game, with unlimited game play. A blizzard has hit the North Pole and the penguins, polar bears, seals, and other creatures of the North are frozen in ice cubes! You'll need to slide four to six of the same-colored cubes together to release the creatures inside. Form special shapes with the cubes to unlock bonuses to help you. You'll need to strategize your moves; too many wrong moves and the creatures will be trapped forever. Every fifth level is a bonus level, where the board is completely filled with cubes that you must try to eliminate. Click on any of the same-colored cubes next to each other, and they will disappear from the screen. Clear all of the cubes to receive a big bonus.
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OS: Windows 2000/95/98/Me/XP and later , 18 Mb
Requirement: Directx 8.0, 32 MB RAM

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