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Word Wizard
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OS: Windows XP/8 and later , 4 Mb

 Word Wizard
Word Wizard is the ultimate word challenge with enough depth and variety of play to keep you entertained, literally, for a lifetime. Lay out from 30 to 100 different words on a board, all made from the same 7 letters, and all interconnected with each other! There are over 4,000 word families so you will never get the same puzzle twice. There are nearly 4,000 word families, so you will never get the same puzzle twice. In Spellbound mode, you start with simple words, and only 30% of the possible words are required to move to the next level. Each new level gets increasingly more difficult, with more words to lay out on the board and a more complex word selection. Blackout mode provides you with one scrambled seven-letter word and you create all the possible words that can be made. Enjoy four great music soundtracks, high resolution graphics, a personal high-score list, and a complete English dictionary.
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OS: Windows XP/8 and later , 4 Mb

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