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 Worldwinner Minesweeper Multiplayer
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Avoid hitting a mine while placing a flag on every square that contains a mine. Each minefield (the grid of gray squares) contains a number of mines and a number of safe squares. The larger the minefield, the more mines it will contain. Also, the larger the minefield the longer the time limit. Start by clicking on any square to reveal an initial group of safe squares. Each safe square contains a number which indicates how many mines are next to that square (including diagonally). This number can range from 1 to 8. A safe square with no number at all has no mines next to it. Using the revealed numbers, calculate which spaces are safe to click on - that is, which spaces can't possibly contain a mine - and click on them to reveal more numbers. Also, calculate which spaces contain a mine, and flag them. Don't guess unless you don't have a safe move! Avoid all the mines, and eventually every space on the board will be either revealed or flagged, and you'll have successfully cleared the minefield! If there are NO safe moves, and you do have to guess, and you click on a mine, we'll give you a green "safe flag". It's just part of our effort to ensure that WorldWinner.com games reward skill and not luck. However, if you click on a mine, you'll sink your ship and end the game. Also, the game will end if time runs out before you clear the minefield.
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