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Yahoo Backgammon Buddy
Improve your Backgammon play, and rating

Requirement: Internet Explorer 6.0 or newer
OS: Windows XP or Vista , 7 Mb

 Yahoo Backgammon Buddy
Looking for Backgammon strategy help to improve your Backgammon play? Trying to get a higher Backgammon rating? Or do you just want to win a few Backgammon games? Whatever the reason, Backgammon Buddy is the Backgammon bot for you. This specialized Backgammon helper is one that surpasses all other Backgammon autos. This Buddy puts you in a league with the pros and is a tool no serious player should be without. Capable of winning matches against 2500+ rated players thanks to its advanced backgammon strategy, this phenomenal Backgammon helper is guaranteed to improve your game.
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OS: Windows XP or Vista , 7 Mb
Requirement: Internet Explorer 6.0 or newer

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