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Zombie Ball Arcade
Play games in ghost houses and other dark scary worlds

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Requirement: DirectX 3.0, 32 Mb RAM
OS: Windows 98/NT/Me/XP/2000 and later , 10 Mb

 Zombie Ball Arcade
Be prepared for heroic adventures, guide the little hero through mystic levels filled with beasties, monsters and grave danger.
This is breakout at its utmost edge! Two modes of gameplay, Arcade and Salvation, offer up to 200 levels of ZombieBall goodness!

Get rid of that darkness, break those bricks, kill those beasties, and bring the sun back to the Lands of Sunshine! A mythical weapon has for ages been rumored to exist in the Dark Forest. Poe has by strange coincidences (having nothing to do with skill) aquired this weapon, it abides his every command with no will of its own, it's the ZombieBall! As you might guess, true to his wannabe Hero wishes, Poe sets out to kill all the beasties! Download the freeware demo.
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OS: Windows 98/NT/Me/XP/2000 and later , 10 Mb
Requirement: DirectX 3.0, 32 Mb RAM

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