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2 Minute Drill online game
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Requirement: Shockwave

Top Alternative:
 EA Madden
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Tip: Hyperload not necessary to download to play the game online.

Click on the playbook to select one of the 8 passing plays.
To hike the ball, click on the screen behind the quarterback and hold the mouse button down.
To pass, thrust the mouse forward in the direction of the receiver and release the button.
The speed at which you thrust the mouse determines the distance of the pass.

You have 8 plays to choose from... try them all. In short yardage situations (3rd and 2, 4th and goal), look for a play with a back or receiver running a short pattern. Remember, it's easier to complete a short pass than a long pass.

You lose possession by not converting a 4th down.
The ball is intercepted.
The clock runs out.

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