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Press GO to start. Click where you want the boomerang to go. Mouse click hold to have boomerang rotate around where you have clicked. Release mouse button when you want boomerang to fly in the direction it is currently pointing. 2017 the webgame was upgraded for Boomerpop.
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Boomer Boomerang Throwing online game
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Requirement: Flash

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You've never handled a boomerang before? Not to worry. Just grab it and let fly. You'll get the hang of it after a few tosses. You'll get 10 Boomerangs to throw in each round. Hit the target to score points. To proceed to the next round you must score a minimum number of points. The Crocodile, the Kangaroo and the Cane Toad will not appear until rounds 2 and 3 and later. Use your mouse to play.
Password: SteveB .
Credit: Adveractve at adveract.com.

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