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Requirement: Java

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Reversi Rules: The object of Reversi is to flip the most disks to your color. If both players have the same number of discs of their color up, the game is a tie. Players are designated Black and White. Beginning with Black, each player in turn places one disc onto a vacant square on the board. Black always places discs black side up, and White always places discs white side up. Once placed, a disc never moves, though it may be "flipped" so that it changes color. A disc placement, usually called a "move," may only be made if it "captures" one or more of the opponent's discs. To make moves, players simply clicks on the square where they wish to place a disc. GameHouse helps players determine which moves are legal by highlighting the squares where they can place a disc. A disc, or an unbroken line of discs of the same color, is captured when it becomes flanked on opposite ends by two opposing pieces, one of which must be the disc that was just placed on the board. Captures may be made along ranks (horizontal rows of squares), files (vertical rows of squares), or diagonals. Captured discs are flipped over to match the color of the capturing player's discs.

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