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Enable Java and reload this page into Internet Explorer to play the GO Applet or just play the above game.
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Go Applet online game
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Requirement: Java

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 3D Reversi Unlimited
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Try your Go skills against an Artificial Brain. Pay attention, the first who captures something is the winner.

There are several types of players you can choose from. Clicking 'settings' will let you control the search depth of the selected algorithm. A bigger number will make the game slower, but more challenging.

A "Greedy" Go player. It uses a statically evaluation (heuristic) to choose his next move.
A Min-Max based Go player. It's the classical way to choose the optimal move when we have the game tree.
The Alpha Beta Go player). Faster than Min-Max (it does not explore branches that are clearly worse than what was already explored) but the idea is the same.

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