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Enable Java & reload this page to play Motif Backgammon (& perhaps use Internet Explorer). Motif Backgammon is by far the best Online Backgammon game (to our opinion) so it worth trying it with Java if you a great Backgammon player. If not you can simply play this good mit backgammon game. Credit.

Credit: Tom Keith, Backgammon Galore .
Play free Motif Backgammon online games
Motif Backgammon online game
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Requirement: Java

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Welcome to Motif Backgammon! Motif is a Java applet that plays the game of backgammon. To play, you must have a web browser capable of running Java applets. Please wait while Motif loads. This may take some time.

Click the "Ok" button and the "Start a Game" button. Motif will roll the dice for both players. You are White and Motif is Red. The player with the higher roll goes first. If Motif goes first, you will see a message saying "Motif is thinking . . ." and after a couple of seconds the red checkers will move to show the play Motif has chosen. Click "Ok" and then click "Roll Dice" to start your turn.
Credit: Tom Keith, Backgammon Galore . A good source of general information about backgammon.

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