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3d video cards
Play Games using 3d video card with 16-32 MB

 3d video cards
Today more and more games require to add a 3D Video Card to your computer so that you could play most of the games available.

You can buy a computer with an good and up-to-date video card installed in it. Nevertheless, in a few years you might have to upgrade your video card. Also you might find later that the video card installed in your computer wasn't as performing as your saleman told you. So here's a few tips that you must look for when purchasing a 3d video card:

1- VRAM - Video Memory. Many games requires now 16 or 32 Mb of video memory. Don't take chances thought, we recommend you go for 128 Mb.

2- DirectX. The 3d video card should support DirectX 9 or earliest version and Direct3D. Get information from your computer technician.

3- OpenGL. A few computer games require OpenGL. We recommend you make sure your video card support OpenGL.

4- Compatible. Make sure your computer support the 3d video card. You might also need to increase your computer RAM memory.

5- Installation is rather easy to do by yourself (usually, you just have to insert your electronic video card into your AGP slot)

There's a few more things to consider. Ask your computer technician for more details.

We personnaly recommend GeForce 3d video cards, such as GeForce FX 5200 or earliest version. Technical data: ASUS V9520/TD - model, Support DirectX 9, OpenGL display 1.4, TV-out and DVI, 128 Mb memory and AGP 8X/4X/2X support.

We recommend that you purchase your 3d video card to your local computer store, but if you know which 3d video card you want, you could have a look at our recommended online stores below. Have fun playing in 3D !!
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