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Chocolate Factory Kit
Make hard candy, chocolates, caramels, fudge, chocolate eggs, pralines

 Chocolate Factory Kit
Willy Wonka, Milton Hershey, Forrest Mars, John Cadbury, and Factual or fictional, the great names in the history of candy making all share one thing: they were experimenters and innovators. Now you can experiment with the art of making candy, and learn the science behind how it forms and why it tastes so good. Inside this giant chocolate bar-shaped box is a scientific candy wonderland including the special tools and recipes you need to make candy. Use the plastic and metal molds, shape cutters, candy thermometer, spatula, dipping fork and various other tools to form and coat your candies. Finish them with foils, paper cups, sticks and wrappers. This kit does not contain any food items. Ingredients must be purchased separately, giving you control over the ingredients you use. Make your own delicious emporium of candy treats from lollipops to peppermint patties and learn about the science of candy. Make hard candy, lollipops, chocolate caramels, fudge, gummy shapes, chocolate eggs, flavored marshmallows, licorice, marzipan, white chocolate creams, peppermint patties and more. Learn about the history of candy and the candy industry. Explore the origins of chocolate and sugar. Learn the science behind the sweets. Includes tools, molds, shape cutters, baking cups, lollipop sticks, candy thermometer and more. Discover the chemistry of sugar and the biology of taste the fun way with this yummy kit.
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