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Mattel Shark Adventure
Mattel Matchbox Mega Rig Shark Adventure

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 Mattel Shark Adventure
You’re a marine biologist scouting the deepest depths of ancient seas to find undiscovered creatures. As your man in the diving cage is attacked by a 50- foot Shark-Saurus, you know you have to act fast to save him and capture the great grey beast. Assemble your Mega Rig crew and prepare to launch the Shark Ship!

With this building system, you can connect and combine (and disconnect and recombine) the included mega pieces to build over 30 boat or vehicle combinations. An added bonus is that every boat has wheels but also floats, making them ideal for play on land or in water. This Mega Rig set comes with a huge boat, paleo-sub, diving cage, harpoon gun, diver, boat captain, oversized oyster, and more. Oh, did we mention that it also includes the huge "chomping" shark? Get ready to set sail on one awfully big adventure! Part of a building system, you can connect and combine your mega pieces to build over 30 vehicles! Every boat has wheels and also floats - so play on land or in water! Comes with huge boat, chomping shark, men, firing harpoon, and more!
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