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Remote Control Flying Pterosaur
RC prehistoric Flying Dinosor indoor or outdoor

 Remote Control Flying Pterosaur
The Remote Controlled Flying Pterosaur. This remote-controlled pterosaur maneuvers like the prehistoric flying lizard of the Cretaceous Period, flapping its wings to soar, dive, and glide indoors or outdoors. The ornithopter's dual wings and the tail- mounted propeller generate enough lift to send the device up to 35' in the air and hover in place--just like its prehistoric inspiration did when marking its prey. The ornithopter's fully functional, radio frequency remote control has a 100' range, allowing the pterosaur to ascend, descend, move forwards, and turn left or right. The durable EPP foam body and Mylar wings withstand crash landings. Includes rechargeable battery that lasts up to 20 minutes after a 20-minute charge, an additional set of wings, and two additional propellers. Remote requires six AA batteries; pterosaur plugs into the remote to recharge. Ages 8 and up. Imported. 3" H x 18" W x 16" L. (1 lb.)
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