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Robot Dog
Get a robotic pet almost real !

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 Robot Dog
Several Robot Dog available. Here's a few:

Robopet is the perfect fusion of technology and personality. He búcomes alive with a combination of user-controlled movements and autonomous, free-roaming behaviors, some of them naughty and some of them nice. And, at seven inches, he's the perfect interactive pet to take anywhere!

Man's best friend? Robopet is more than that. In fact his creators claim that he's the ultimate fusion of technology and personality. And we'd have to agree; because thanks to a clever combination of user- controlled movements and autonomous, free roaming behavior this ultra- intelligent dog practically comes alive. And just like a real pet he can be playful, curious, angry, depressed, rude and even disobedient.

Robopet can do almost anything a real dog can but you won't have to follow him around with a pooper scooper or look away in embarrassment as he demonstrates his uncanny flexibility when washing. Robopet can walk, run, sit down, lie down, stand up and roll over, and he even makes barking, whimpering, growling and panting sounds.
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