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Robotic Reptile
Remote Control Dinosaur Robot Lizard

 Robotic Reptile
This is the robotic dinosaur that has multiple sensors which detect sound, movement, and touch, allowing it to react to its environment with realistic biomorphic motions including running, stalking, turning its head, whipping its tail, and sniffing its prey before pouncing. The dinosaur responds to stimuli depending on one of its three moods, including Hungry, Satisfied, and Subdued. A pull of its tail might result in a bite and growl, while a touch of its chin might inspire it to nuzzle like a pet. An included cowl may be placed over its sensors to place it into subdued and sleep modes, but when removed, it returns to its default hungry mode. In this mode, its infrared sensors help it avoid obstacles as it walks, runs, or stalks, while i ts head turns, tail whips, stops to sniff out prey, and pounces. It even plays tug-of-war, and displays autonomous responsive behavior such as chasing sounds. The reptile can also be guided using the simple directional buttons on the handheld remote control, or the remotes laser light, which the robot will detect and follow. It can be placed into satisfied mode by using the "feed" function and also pre-set with up to 20 sequential commands. The remote comes with more than 40 preprogrammed functions and a demonstration mode for putting it through its paces. Reptile requires six AA batteries; controller requires three AA batteries. Ages 8 and up. 9 1/2" H x 9 1/2" W x 31 3/4" L. (10 1/2 lbs.) It is also known as Roboreptile.
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