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Second-Generation Robosapien
Advanced Robot that dance, lift items and even play bowling!

OS: and later

 Second-Generation Robosapien
Second-Generation Robosapien. This is the next evolution of the Robosapien, capable of autonomous behavior and equipped with interactive sensors to recognize objects and respond to sounds. It can be programmed to execute more than 60 different movements, including dancing, exploring, lifting items, or bowling (ball and pins included). It responds to touch and sound with advanced sensors like a camera that detects skin tone (hold out your hand, and the robot knows to shake it) and object color (the robot collects blue objects when handed them). The robot avoids obstacles intelligently as it walks, and sonic sensors detect sharp noises, responding with a hearty Hey, there! and turning to face the sound. It can bend and pick up small objects on command, using its precisi on-gripping, articulated fingers, and then it can throw the object to you. The robot has true-to-life bi-pedal walking gaits and realistic double- axis head turns. It can use its sonic and infrared sensors to guard an area (sounding an alarm when motion or sound is detected) and to interact with other Robosapiens. Requires six D batteries and three AAA batteries for the remote control. Ages 10 and up. 23 1/2" H x 16" W x 11" D. (10 1/2 lbs.)

Several Robosapien Robot models are available: Robosapien I, Robosapien V2, Second-Generation Robosapien... Robosapien playing bowling kit comes with the Second-Generation Robosapien model only. Read details from stores carefully.
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OS: and later

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