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 Beetle Bomp  Electric Football  Snap Circuits  Shocking Tanks
Beetle Bomp
13 Mb

Electricity eating beetles are on the loose! Lyle the electrician and Martina the insect expert as they try to solve the buggy mystery before the lights go out for good! Be challenged by hard-shell beetles, centipedes, color-changing bugs, and butte

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Online Beetle Bomp
Electric Football
Popular Remote Control

Play real football on this miniature electric football field and players. You control the players, making them run the direction you want. Triple threat quarterback can kick, pass & run.

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Online Electric Football
Snap Circuits
Popular Toys

Just snap the electronic chips on the circuit board to create working circuit. Build a Radio, Doorbell, burglar alarm and more.

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Shocking Tanks
Popular Toys

Play electrifying tank battle games! Each time your ennemy gets a direct hit, he gets a mild electric shock. The first one to hit 6 times the opponent wins. For ages 14 and up.

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Online Shocking Tanks
 Electric Shock game  USB Missile Launcher with 3 Foam Missiles  Shocking Pen  Electric Eddie
Electric Shock game
Popular Board Game

Lightning-reaction game is shocking fun that adds a real “spark” to your get- togethers!

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USB Missile Launcher with 3 Foam Missiles
Popular Electronic

Plug your Missile Laucher directly into the USB port of your computer to relieve the extreme boredom of your working day!

Or use it to keep others away while you play at your computer or when busy working. YES! BRING IT to your office!

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New Shocking Pen
Popular Handheld

This Shocking Pen catches the pen "snitchers" every time. Wear it in your pocket until the golden opportunity. Surprise your friends or class roomates.

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New Electric Eddie
4 Mb

Equipped with pack of switches, pliers, bulbs, your task is to wire the batteries and bulbs.

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 Snap Circuits RC Rover  Electronica  Battery Tester Digital Multimeter  Ricochet Recharged
Snap Circuits RC Rover
Popular Remote Control

Have fun building your own RC Snap Rover using the colorful Snap Circuits electronic parts that come with this kit.

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CD or Download

Electronica is the A-class logic game. The main point is to assemble simple electric circuit in right order. Energy spreads from first detail and you have to fill all the network without making dead circuits.

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Battery Tester Digital Multimeter
Popular Handheld

Digital multimeter and battery tester. Checks outlets, fuses, wires, plugs, motors, battery and electric circuit.

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Ricochet Recharged
Download free trial
10 Mb

Over 350 electrifying brick-busting levels from around the world! Download games to play off-line on your PC

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 Mini Electric Motorcycle  Electric Billy  Electra Electric Circuit  Matrix Online
Mini Electric Motorcycle
Popular Product

Minimoto Sport Racer Small Electric Motorcycle.

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Electric Billy
CD or Download
12 Mb

The work of the man who assembles power lines is hard and difficult. And it is not easy to maintain them. That is a job of an electric.

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Electra Electric Circuit
4 Mb

Everybody wants to be a superhero: but some of us have to be electricians! Your mission in this electrical puzzler is to light up the city at night and prevent a blackout.

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Matrix Online

The game starts with four APU units on the dock. Sentinels will attack from a breech in the dock and dome. Defend the dock! By WarnerBro.

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3D Sapper You live in your computer and computer chips are burning!
Electric Circuit Game Complete electrical circuits, connecting power sources to appliances

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