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 T-Rex RC Dinosaur  My Little Sandbox Dino Land  Dinosaurs Fighting Online  Dynomite Deluxe
T-Rex RC Dinosaur
Popular Remote Control

Terrifying R/C T-Rex growls, roars, and rolls his eyes on your command.

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My Little Sandbox Dino Land
Popular Handheld

Play in this mini sand box with ultra fine sand, grooming rake, digging shovel, dinosaurs, volcano, mini boulders, foot print stamp, dinosors skeleton kit and prehistoric trees.

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Dinosaurs Fighting Online

Rapters dinosaurs attacking a Euoplocephalus. Use his clubbed tail to defend the babies against the Raptors.

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Dynomite Deluxe
3 Mb

Play Prehistoric Dinosaurs puzzles in this egg blasting puzzle game. Use your huge sling shot. Download Dynomite Deluxe with 3D graphics, 5 animated dinosaurs and customized puzzles!

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 Robotic Dinosaur  Remote Control Flying Pterosaur  Dinosaurs Park Second Life  Diego Dinosaur Rescue
Robotic Dinosaur
Popular Product

Multiple sensors in the dinosaur detect sound, movement, and touch. A pull of its tail and the dinosaur may bite and growl, while a touch of its chin might inspire it to nuzzle like a pet. Infra-red sensors help it avoid obstacles as it walks, runs,

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Remote Control Flying Pterosaur
Popular Remote Control

Fully functional radio controlled flying Pterosaur : moves forward, up and down, turns left and right. Ready to glide indoors or outdoors!

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New Dinosaurs Park Second Life

Take a virtual online tour of a virtual dinosaur park. Enter an awesome virtual world where you socialise with other dinosaur amateurs through avatars. Enter this world if you are at least 13 years of age (13 to 18 parent consent required).

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New Diego Dinosaur Rescue
CD or Download
51 Mb

Become a dinosaur scientist and track giant footsteps, help rescue baby ploosaurs swimming in the deep lagoon, find hidden dinosaur eggs, take pictures, and build walls to stop the Troodons!

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 Jurassic Park Dinosaur Battles  Dinosaurs Fishing  Pterodactyl dinosaur game  Hot Wheels Dinosaurs Playset
Jurassic Park Dinosaur Battles
CD or Download
367 Mb

All the ferocious power of the world’s most dangerous dinosaurs is in your control! Use your mind, strategy skil and quick wits to stop an evil scientist's plot.

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Dinosaurs Fishing

A dinosaur game. Use your enormous Baryonyx hand claw to hook fish out of the water. Be quick if you don't want to starve!

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Pterodactyl dinosaur game

Defeat all prehistoric pterodactyls by landing on top of them.

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Hot Wheels Dinosaurs Playset
Popular Toys

Hot Wheels Playset with dinosaurs and jurassic tracks.

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Online Hot Wheels Dinosaurs Playset
 Remote Control Pterodactyl  The Last Dinosaur  Dinosaur Adventure 3 D  Dino Run
Remote Control Pterodactyl
Popular Remote Control

This Radio Control lifelike prehistoric pterodactyl walks, turns and blinks its eyes, opens and closes its mouth, moves its head, beats its giant wings and makes lifelike screeching sounds.

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The Last Dinosaur

Help the last dinosaur on earth stay alive as long as you can. Dodge the deadly asteroids by jumping over or running away.

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Dinosaur Adventure 3 D
CD or Download
331 Mb

From island adventures to arcade-style games, there are tons of activities waiting here for the dinosaur fan in your house. The latest version of this long-popular program has much improved graphics and animations.

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Dino Run

The doom asteroid has dropped... run, jump and claw your way to your Dino survival!

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Carnivores 2 Prehistoric Dinosaurs Hunt
Football O Saurus Dinosaurs playing football, soccer and rugby. Freeware to download. Add-Ons
RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 plus Time Twister Pack Get RCT2 with an expansion pack together
DigiFish Prehistoric Crocodiles Realistic Computer Simulation of Mosasaurus prehistoric crocodile
Robotic Reptile Remote Control Dinosaur Robot Lizard
Jurassic Realm Dinosaurs Download this prehistoric dinosaur puzzle game
3D Pets Dino This Dinosaur lives in your computer!
Zoo Tycoon Design and manage the zoo of your dreams

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