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Farm Animals

Animal farm games, business farm simulation games and other farming games
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 Farm Vet  John Deere American Farmer  Farm Frenzy  Nursing Nuna Pig
Farm Vet
CD or Download
401 Mb

Take care of your farm animals as top vet apprentice. Take care of horses, pigs, chickens, rabbits and more. Have fun learning how to milk cows, collect eggs, herd goats and ride horses.

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John Deere American Farmer
CD or Download
84 Mb

Create and manage your own successful farm with John Deere American Farmer. Grow your future in America's Heartland!

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Farm Frenzy
17 Mb

Get a load of the country life in Farm Frenzy, a super-fun arcade game that lets you show Old MacDonald how it's done! Try your hand at running a farm!

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Online Farm Frenzy
Nursing Nuna Pig
Popular Product

Mommy Pig with 3 piglets. Those cute little piglets can be attach to their nursing mother with magnets.

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 RC Tractor Farm  Fur Real Friends Interactive Pony  My Exotic Farm  Farm Mania
RC Tractor Farm
Popular Remote Control

Remote control Tractor farm with detachable trailer, working headlights, chunky tractor tires to realistic engine sounds.

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Fur Real Friends Interactive Pony
Popular Remote Control

Fur real Friends Butterscotch Pony. Every little kid dream of having their very own Pony... and now that dream can come true! Butterscotch Pony is a life-sized plush pony that loves to be groomed and cared for.

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New My Exotic Farm
CD or Download
34 Mb

3D ranching simulation farm game with exotic farm animals like crocodile, ostrich, kangaroo, hippopotamus, antelope, and buffalo. To expand and develop your farm, you have to build fences, berry bush, drinking trough, etc.

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New Farm Mania
49 Mb

Harvest crops, tend to the farm animals, keep an eye on the bees, and even bake delicious pies!

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Online Farm Mania
 Farm-Opoly  Little Farm  My Little Sandbox Funny Farm  Chicken Chase
Popular Board Game

Monopoly Board Game rules with Farm Animals. Here's a property trading game for farmers or those who just think farming is cool!

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Little Farm
36 Mb

Have a little down-home fun on the Little Farm game. Help the Normans adjust to farm life and grow truckloads of vegetables. Match like-colored patches in your farm field to create squares to water and grow a variety of veggies in Little Farm!

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Online Little Farm
My Little Sandbox Funny Farm
Popular Handheld

Miniature sandbox farm playground with ultra fine sand, die-cast tractor, digging shovel, ranch fence, red barn, feed bucket and several farm animals: 2 horses, piggy, milking cow and sheep.

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Chicken Chase
11 Mb

Your grandparents are asking for your help to save their chicken farm. Take over the farm little by little. Raise your brood, hatch the eggs, and keep the ravens from stealing your chickens.

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Online Chicken Chase
 Snorta farm animals  Lets Explore the Farm  Funky Farm  John Deere Drive Green
Snorta farm animals
Popular Board Game

Great party game that will get your friends and family sounding like they were born in a barn! To play, each player is dealt cards, selects a typical farm animal, hides it in a barn, and calls out the sound his or her animal makes.

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Lets Explore the Farm
CD or Download
69 Mb

Excitement of a real, working farm. Kids can visit the big red barn and watch a cow being milked. Or, take a peek inside the chicken coop and find out how eggs are made

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Funky Farm
8 Mb

Funky Farm: a farming frenzy of pigs, sheep, and wolves! Make a living as a funky farmer selling wool and pork chops.

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John Deere Drive Green
CD or Download
191 Mb

No job is too big or small! Bale hay, mow fairways, plant soybeans or corn, spray or harvest corn and more. Choose from over 15 John Deere vehicles including the 9860 STS Combine, 8530 Tractor and 4930 Sprayer.

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My Little Sandbox Playset Funny Farm Miniature Farm with Animals
Disney Chicken Little Remote Control Car Sound & Light Effects 0r RC Cluck Mobile
Pony World Deluxe Build your farm around your Pony World, and have fun activities with your Pony.
McDonald Farm Handheld Electronic Handheld Old McDonald's Farm
Barnyard Invasion Save the farm animals!
John Deere Gator Tractor With Sound Small tractor for kids
Tom Hen House for Windows Chicken Eggs Farm Festival
A Day on the Farm Educational farm game for young kids

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New Releases
Farm Mania Harvest crops, tend to the farm animals, and even bake delicious pies!
John Deere Drive Green Fun Farm Simulation Software. Bale hay, mow fairways, plant soybeans or corn.
Nursing Nuna Pig Mommy Pig with 3 cute little piglets
Play Free Farm Animals Online Games
Farm Frenzy Play on line this finger clicking good game! Click on the well to obtain water. Click on the ground to grow grass...
Play Farm Frenzy online ADD this webgame to your one-page-playzone
Little Farm To help The Normans adjust to farm life!
Play Little Farm online ADD this webgame to your one-page-playzone
Farm Mania Water plants regularly. Use water from the well. Plants and animal farm online game.
Play Farm Mania online ADD this webgame to your one-page-playzone
Chicken Chase Play Online Chicken Chase and Save the family farm!
Play Chicken Chase online ADD this webgame to your one-page-playzone
Sheep and Dog Control a sheepdog well and put sheep into a circle
Play Sheep and Dog online ADD this webgame to your one-page-playzone
Third World Farmer Click on items to plant or buy
Play Third World Farmer online ADD this webgame to your one-page-playzone
Corn Pile Play a free online game of Farm Animal
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Trap Shoot Hunting Turkey hunt games online free to play
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Chicken Invaders Christmas Edition Do you want to eat chicken for this Christmas? But first you need to shoot them down! Thanks to Yahoo games.
Play Chicken Invaders Christmas Edition online ADD this webgame to your one-page-playzone
Staplechase Challenge Thoughroubread Horseracing free online to play
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