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 PAC-MAN Pizza Parlor  Harry Potter and the Marauder Map Game  Ms Muncher Miss Pacman  Classic Arcade Pac Man
PAC-MAN Pizza Parlor
81 Mb

The PAC-MAN Pizza Parlor is open for business! Help PAC-MAN and Cathy making pizzas and serving hungry customers.

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Harry Potter and the Marauder Map Game

As Harry Potter, move around the maze and collect LEGO blocks to rebuild Hogwarts castle.

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Ms Muncher Miss Pacman
1 Mb

Miss Muncher is Ms Pacman. Play Miss Pac-man games on your computer for great fun.

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Online Ms Muncher Miss Pacman
Classic Arcade Pac Man
Popular Handheld

Playable miniature replica of arcade video Pac Man coin operated machines. Play classic arcade Pac-Man on this handheld with large LCD screen and exciting sound effects.

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 PacMan Electronic Pinball Machine  Mini Portable Pac-Man  MadPac3  Pacxon Online
PacMan Electronic Pinball Machine
Popular Toys

Play everyone's favorite old school game, Pac-Man, right in your very own game room! This cool pinball Pacman game features cool flashing lights and sounds.

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Mini Portable Pac-Man
Popular Handheld

Namco Plug and Play Mini Portable PacMan Pocket Edition.

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New MadPac3

Swim underwater to rescue Mrs MadPac from the bad ghosts. Collect all pills through your way getting enough power to defeat the bad ghosts.

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New Pacxon Online

Play Pacman Xonix arcade games online. Fill empty space and capture ghosts by building walls.

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 Crunchy Munch  Pacman Flash Man  Something Fishy Pacman  Pac Man World 2
Crunchy Munch

Use the arrow keys to control the Pacman muncher to eat all the food in the maze. Beware of the ghosts!

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Pacman Flash Man

Classic Pacman online game to play.

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Something Fishy Pacman

Guide Walter the fish around the maze with the arrow keys. Avoid the other fish. Eat all the food to get to the next level. If you eat one of the four big pieces of food, you get a few seconds to eat the other fish and score more points. You can use the t

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Pac Man World 2
Popular CD-Rom

Pac-Man sets out on a quest to recapture the Magical Fruit stolen by the pesky Ghost Gang and the most evil of all entities, Spooky. This whimsical adventure also includes 3-D Pac-Mazes and classic arcade favorites.

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Online Pac Man World 2
 Buckman Pacman Multiplayer  Aquamania  iPod Miss Pacman  Pac-Man Gold TV Game
Buckman Pacman Multiplayer
Multiplayer Online

Play Pac-man onlne Multi-player against other human Internet players in one-on-one match or in tournaments. Free to join.

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Online Buckman Pacman Multiplayer
9 Mb

Aquatic Pacman game, eat all dots from the maze waters. But the area is swarming with predatory fish, poacher's launches and ennemy boats – be careful!

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iPod Miss Pacman
CD or Download
9 Mb

Play the Miss Pacman game on your Ipod. A faithful recreation of Namco’s legendary coin-op arcade game.

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Pac-Man Gold TV Game
Popular Plug and Play

Simply plug it into your TV, and you're ready to play Pac-man games! Plus 8 Games built inside the controller - Pac-Man, Galaxian, Dig Dug, Rally-X, Bosconian, Super PacMan, Pac & Pal, and Pac-Man Plus .

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MuncherMania 3D Worlds Play Pacman free games. Avoid ghost and Munch all glowing dots in the maze
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Classic Arcade Video Game System Plug in TV and play Pacman, Digger, Car racing, Bosconian and Galaxian now!
Rats Cool Rats maze game to download.

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