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 The Sudoku Challenge  Blackberry Sudoku Master  Sudoku Board Game  Gamehouse Sudoku
The Sudoku Challenge
6 Mb

The latest puzzle craze sweeping the Globe! Play the Japanese numbers game that's driving everyone mad!

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Blackberry Sudoku Master
CD or Download

Enjoy billions of unique Sudoku puzzles from every difficulty level, including Diabolical. Use digital pencil marks, hints, cross-hatching and other great features to guide you through the puzzles. Play Online Multiplayer!!

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Sudoku Board Game
Popular Board Game

The Utterly Addictive Number Puzzle Game! Featuring puzzles by Michael Mepham as seen in nine best-selling puzzle books and newspapers around the world.

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Gamehouse Sudoku
4 Mb

Place numbers 1 through 9 on the game board so that each number occurs exactly once in each row, column and 3x3 grid. The numbers can appear in any order, diagonals are not considered, and there is no math involved.

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 Sudoku Electronic Handheld  TV Sudoku Double  Sudoku Gold Pendant  All Time Sudoku
Sudoku Electronic Handheld
Popular Handheld

Latest puzzle craze now available in an electronic handheld version! Handheld electronic Sudoku game with touchscreen and stylus 8 Difficulty Settings Pre-programmed with over 1 million puzzles. Date, Time and Alarm functions.

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TV Sudoku Double
Popular Plug and Play

Play single or double player Sudoku right on your telivision! Just plug into your TV and play over 1 million ramdonly generated puzzles.

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New Sudoku Gold Pendant
Popular Jewelry

Awesome 14k Sudoku gold jewelry pendant.

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New All Time Sudoku
11 Mb

All-Time Sudoku is a classic Japanese puzzle that brings tons of fun and helps to develop logical thinking and visual memory. It features stunning colorful graphics, few sound effects and relaxing seasonal music.

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 Sudoku Books  Sudoku Tips Guide  Yahoo Sudoku Daily  Disney Sudoku for Kids
Sudoku Books
Popular Books

The Sudoku Gift Box. Those puzzle books will keep everyone playing for hours!

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Sudoku Tips Guide
Popular Books

Learn Solving strategies and Insider Secrets of Solving Sudoku Puzzles. Be a Sudoku Pro within days. This powerful and informative Guide laid out in clear and concise lessons shows you everything you need to know about Sudoku and its Solving Techniq

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Yahoo Sudoku Daily

Play different Sudoku puzzles Online every day at Yahoo! 9x9 grid. The features include hints, print options, save and restore options.

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Disney Sudoku for Kids
CD or Download
14 Mb

Disney’s Disoku Apprentice is an exciting and challenging puzzle game featuring beloved Disney Characters from 12 different animated classics. Include fun Sudoku games for Kids.

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 Professor Fuji Sudoku Deluxe  Ancient Sudoku  Tropix  Su Doku Classic
Professor Fuji Sudoku Deluxe
CD or Download
7 Mb

Fully equipped with 100,000 puzzle grids and printable puzzles, it's the itch that'll leave your brain scratching for more!
Export puzzle and answers as a JPEG for emailing to friends.

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Ancient Sudoku
CD or Download
6 Mb

There's endless levels and multiple puzzle types. Plus, there's even an easy- to-use puzzle creator that will not only help you complete other versions of SoDuKu, such as those that come in your local newspaper, but allows you to create your ow

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Online Ancient Sudoku
CD or Download
15 Mb

Follow a funky little monkey and a little crab that likes to explore your private islands as you play over 10 different puzzle and action games like bowling, Abalone, word, swap and Sudoku.

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Online Tropix
Su Doku Classic
CD or Download
4 Mb

Discover a host of Su Doku puzzles to sink your teeth into, from really easy ones to fiendishly difficult!

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More Sudoku products, gifts, and Sukudo downloads
Sudoku Works Enter the Sudoku puzzles from the newspaper and play them as a normal game!
Numberz SuDoku for Palm OS World class, full featured SuDoku application for your Palm!
Seven Seas Sudoku Numerical strategy game with a Pirate Buccaneers twist!
Sudoku Sweep Online Sudoku tournament against other human players
Sudoku Mind games Computer Sudoku freeware game to download!

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» Seven Seas Sudoku Numerical strategy game with a Pirate Buccaneers twist!
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» The Sudoku Challenge The rules of the Sudoku is to fill all the empty spaces on the game board...
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» Sudoku Sweep Play free Sudoku games on line. Custom rules where number tiles are falling from above. Place them from the bottom up so that no number 1 through 9 is placed more than once.
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