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Battleship Fleet Command
Classic Battleship game to download with 5 ways to play!

Requirement: Memory: 256 MB DirectX: 7.0 or later
OS: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista and later , 48 Mb

 Battleship Fleet Command sank my battleship! Deploy your nautical fleet and blow your competition out of the water. It's the classic game of navel strategy with five different gameplay modes! Station your fleet, avoiding detection by the opponent navy, and fire strategically to locate enemy ships. Once you've found one, fire to sink it! You'll be pulled into the action as cannons fire with lifelike sound, and your radio indicates news of strike! It's the Battleship you know and love, brought to life, right on your desktop! Just like when you were a kid, fire strategically to locate and sink enemy ships, but this time, use 4 different firing options: Single Shot, Triple Shot, Salvo (one shot for every ship afloat) or Volley (fire until you miss). Plus, play the BONUS Fleet Command mode with different weapons and multiple firing solutions for each kind of ship. Deploy bomber planes from your aircraft carrier, fire torpedoes from your subs. Defend your fleet with anti aircraft and hunt out your enemy with radar. Choose your terrain, then attack, defend or even move your fleet for a whole new level of strategic possibilities! Choose a computer opponent for every skill level, from Ensign to Admiral. This time, your little brother won't be peeking at your ships when you run to the bathroom and it will be HIS turn to say "Hey, you sank my Battleship!"

HASBRO and its logo and BATTLESHIP are trademarks of Hasbro and are used with permission.
By iWin.
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OS: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista and later , 48 Mb
Requirement: Memory: 256 MB DirectX: 7.0 or later

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