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 The General  Reveal Your Rank  Browser Stratego  Stratego Star Wars
The General
9 Mb

Top Stratego Remake!
By Sean O'Connor.
Download The General.

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Online The General
Reveal Your Rank
2 Mb

Great Stratego game download. Reveal Your Rank! is strategy board game similar to Stratego from Milton Bradley. You have 40 pieces to place strategically on the board.

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Browser Stratego

Play Java Stratego online free on your internet browser. Play blue or red, 2 levels of play, and option to hide or not the revealed! 4 playable Stratego game variant: Classic, Barrage, One time bombs, or Air Mobile!

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Stratego Star Wars
Popular Board Game

Play Stratego games with star wars movie characters like Jabba the Hutt, Luke Skywalker, Anakin Skywalker, and Darth Vader. The Bombs are thermal detonators and the miners are droids. The flags are lightsabres and the spies are The Light and Dark Side of

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 Stratego Nostalgia Edition  Stratego board game  Strategy Defense  Xou Dou Qi
Stratego Nostalgia Edition
Popular Board Game

Inside the collectible wooden box you get vintage gameboard art based on the early '60's version, classic metallic-printed army tokens, a Stratego game history, and the original ranking system - the Marshal is #1!

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Stratego board game
Popular Board Game

Your mission is to capture your opponent's flag and protect your own. Move with caution and courage. The next piece you attack could be a bomb

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New Strategy Defense

Turn based strategy game. On each turn you can Move , Attack, or Wait. Your first rank is Dragon Archer with arrows to attack, then King Knight with swords, Sniper with gun. Use any weapon to attack ennemy or use your character magic.

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New Xou Dou Qi
CD or Download
60 Mb

Xou Dou Qi, also known as Dou Shou Qi, is rhe ancestral version of today Stratego. Every Stratego fan should try at least once in their lifetime, this version.

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 Tomb Stratego Online  3D Stratego Fortress  Travel Stratego  Electronic Stratego
Tomb Stratego Online

Flash online game similar to Stratego. You have pieces in RED. Each piece is allocated a strenght value from 1 to 6. the ghost (1) can kill the king (6), but the king cannot kill te ghost.

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3D Stratego Fortress
Popular Board Game

Very Rare! 3D Stratego game by Jumbo. Stratego Fortress is a labyrinth of tunnels, ladders and traps, so that the conquest of the flag are not an easy walk.

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Travel Stratego
Popular Handheld

Rare Travel Stratego game with a small board.

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Electronic Stratego
Popular Electronic

A rare vintage stratego electronic game before personal computers were commonplace.

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 Knight Tactics  Stratego 4  Hide and Seek  Stratego Commercial 1983
Knight Tactics

Use tactics and strategy to beet your opponent on a 3d board. Move, attack, or use abilities just like in role-playing games

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Stratego 4
Popular Board Game

Stratego 4 is a three and four player version of the game. You can play on either side of the playing board. Great for the small families to play all together.

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Hide and Seek
CD or Download
3 Mb

Play the game of Hide and Seek, a brand new version of the board game Stratego. Setup your army wisely before you go into battle against the unknown pieces of the enemy.

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Stratego Commercial 1983

Here's an old commercial for that great board game - Stratego.

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Strategy Defense Turn-based strategy game with ranks such as Dragon Archer, Knight, Sniper
Xou Dou Qi Ancient Stratego game also known as Dou Shou Qi
Stratego 4 3 or 4 player Stratego boardgame
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The General Play the original DOS Stratego game online in your web browser.
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Browser Stratego Browser Stratego upgraded for Stratego online by bdz132. Drag the pieces on the first three rows of the board then start!
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Strategy Defense Turn-based strategy game with ranks such as Dragon Archer, Knight, Sniper
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Tomb Stratego Online Play a Strategy Stratego-like online free game.
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Knight Tactics Use tactics and strategy to beet your opponent on a 3d board
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Stratego Commercial 1983 Old Commercial promoting the Stratego board game
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