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Browser Stratego online game
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Credit: bdz132 & mit.edu.

Browser Stratego upgraded for Stratego online by bdz132. Drag the pieces on the first three rows of the board then start!

To Start, click -New Game- button, select a game variant & initial setup, then click the bottom right "start".

Online Stratego games free to play in Java coding. In this stratego game, a scout cannot directly hit a piece over distance. Alter a classic deployment: click Undo, Click pieces, and redeploy them. You can switch piece sets at any time during the game. If your browser accepts cookies, you can save your game, and load it when you revisit stratego.

Choose any of four playable game variant:

1-Classic stratego

2-Barrage stratego
Play barrage stratego if you prefer a quick game. Each player starts with a flag, one bomb, a marshal, a general, and a spy, one miner, and two scouts.

3-One time bombs
When a piece other than a miner strikes a bomb, both the piece AND the bomb are destoyed. Miners are of less importance in this variant.

4-Air mobile
All moving pieces can move like scouts. (At level 2; Please Fasten Your Seatbelts :) Otherwise, the classic rules apply.

Credit: browserchess.net. Chess & Stratego, tips & rules.
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