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 Talking Dog Collar  Mahjong Mania Dogs  Puppy Luv  Ultimate Duck Hunting
Talking Dog Collar
Popular Remote Control

Simply attach the bone shaped speaker to your dog's collar and hold the remote in your hand. Watch people react as your dog appears to be talking!

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Mahjong Mania Dogs
1 Mb

You can plan regular Mahjong with Mahjongg Mania Deluxe plus you can play with special themes tiles available on order. Dogs tile add-on available.

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Puppy Luv
29 Mb

Puppy Luv is the perfect pet! Keep track of them and keep them happy! You do not need to take him outside in the rain! He won't break anything or leave you little surprises around the house.

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Ultimate Duck Hunting
CD or Download
161 Mb

Experience the most realistic 3D Duck Hunting game ever made. Shoot and retrieve ducks in single play or online with other players. Train and guide your hunting dog through the murky waters to retrieve your fallen ducks.

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 Robot Dog  Tekno the Robotic Puppy Dalmatian  FurReal Friends Trixie the Skateboarding   German Shepherd Second Life
Robot Dog
Popular Remote Control

Robopet can walk, run, sit down, lie down, stand up and roll over, and he even makes barking, whimpering, growling and panting sounds.

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Tekno the Robotic Puppy Dalmatian
Popular Electronic

Tekno Dalmatian puppy reacts to your presence, when you come into your room, he barks and trembles with excitement. Just like a real puppy, he wants to be petted, bark, walk avoiding obstacles, perform tricks, dance and more. When dark he snores to

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New FurReal Friends Trixie the Skateboarding
Popular Remote Control

The ultimate girly showoff pet! Remote Control Pet does more than 30 tricks. Pup pet can do a headstand or a wheelie and pose while her standing, sitting, or on her belly.

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New German Shepherd Second Life

Adopt a German Sherpherd dog in Second Life. Socialize with other dog owners in this virual world through avatars. Enter this world if you are at least 13 years of age (13 to 18 parent consent required). Watch the videos!

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 Dalmatian Chase Game  Sheep and Dog  The Dog Chess Set  Handheld Golden Retriever Game
Dalmatian Chase Game
Popular Product

Turn on the switch and the Dalmatians move up the ladder and slide down the chute and then start all over again.

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Sheep and Dog

Guide your sheep dog well so to put sheeps into a circle. This is rather difficult although it seems that it is easy apparently.

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The Dog Chess Set
Popular Board Game

Well if you like to play chess and love dogs this is for you!

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Handheld Golden Retriever Game
Popular Handheld

V-Migo Console with Handheld Golden Retriever Game. You play play this dog handheld game or Plug-in the console in the television for enhanced gameplay!

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 Doggie Dash  Dog Bones  Dog Bones Matchup  Paradise Pet Salon
Doggie Dash
CD or Download
18 Mb

Clean, groom, and pamper Dinertown cats and dogs pets while you grow your own business!

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Dog Bones

Click on the grid and match the bones patterns.

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Dog Bones Matchup

Race against time as you try try to match up in pairs dog names and dog breed in under 2 minutes.

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Paradise Pet Salon
29 Mb

Manage a pet salon into a booming success. As customers bring in their pets like dogs or cats for washing and grooming, you must click- and-drag the animals to the proper workstations.

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Online Paradise Pet Salon
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Ice Breaker Puzzle game with Polar bears, penguins and arctic wolves!

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German Shepherd Second Life Take care of your dream dog in a 3d virtual world
Dalmatian Chase Game Motorized ladder and see cute Dalmatian puppies sliding down the chute
Doggie Dash Mac Start a business cleaning, grooming, and pampering domestic pets
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Sheep and Dog Control a sheepdog well and put sheep into a circle
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Dog Bones Find hiding bones in the backyard.
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Dog Bones Matchup Be fast trying to match up dog breeds and names. fun dog game
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Hare and Hounds On line Dogs game
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Lenny Loosejocks Goes Spelunking Play Video Animation of Spelunking in dangerous Australian cave
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German Shepherd Second Life Take care of your dream dog in a 3d virtual world
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