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 Boggle Supreme  Boggle Classic  Boggle Folio  Body Boggle
Boggle Supreme
CD or Download
9 Mb

Boggle is a 3-minute fast paced word search game for the whole family! Multi player games over the Internet or Local network.
[TCP/IP, modem, serial]

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Online Boggle Supreme
Boggle Classic
Popular Board Game

The original 3-minute word search game! Just shake up the lettered cubes, drop them into the grid and start the timer.

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Online Boggle Classic
Boggle Folio
Popular Electronic

Boggle travel size board game by Hasbro. Includes zipper case, dome cover, 16 deluxe letter cubes, scorepad, storage pocket, 4 pencils, built-in electronic timer and instructions.

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Body Boggle
Popular Toys

Body Boggle Game IOP Parker Brothers Sealed 1984 Word Game.

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 Boggle Speed Flash  Electronic Handheld Boggle  Flip Words  Boggle Carabiner Keychain
Boggle Speed Flash
Popular Electronic

Find words FAST in 3 race-the-clock challenges! Includes 5 electronic tiles, game case, rules, and quick-play card.

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Online Boggle Speed Flash
Electronic Handheld Boggle
Popular Handheld

The classic three-minute Boggle word game has gone electronic! Features built-in dictionary, play solo or with a friend, hints, and talking option.

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New Flip Words
10 Mb

Form words like in Boggle rules. Use the first letters of each words to guess the hidden phrase. The game also offer you to create your own words and phrases!

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Online Flip Words
New Boggle Carabiner Keychain
Popular Miniature

Miniature Boggle game totally playable & holds on keychain. Removable mini sand timer & the mini sized top does not come off so the 16 mini letter cubes won't fall down.

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 Boggle Reinvention  Word Wrap  Big Boggle  Boggle Brainbusters
Boggle Reinvention
Popular Board Game

Boggle All in One: Twist, shake, set it, and play. BOGGLE now comes in a compact case that’s never been easier on the hands, ears or eyes.

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Online Boggle Reinvention
Word Wrap

Word Wrap is an online word game that has some similarities to Boggle and Scramble.

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Big Boggle
Popular Board Game

Big Boogle has 25 letter cubes on a 5x5 grid compare to the standard Boggle that has 16 letter cubes on a 4x4 grid.

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Online Big Boggle
Boggle Brainbusters
Popular Books

Cool! Relax & play Boggle word searches on books or magazines. Over 150 Boggle puzzles on paper!

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 Oberlander Boggle  Boggle Junior Game  Super What Word  Greedy Words
Oberlander Boggle

Cool homemade Boggle webgame. Boggle random letters generator. You can submit new words, but there's no built-in dictionary and no computer scoring.

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Boggle Junior Game
Popular Board Game

This first game for preschoolers grows with your child by introducing the ABCs with different ways to play

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Super What Word
CD or Download

Swap letters horizontaly, verticaly or diagonaly to form words. Longer words worth more points.

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Online Super What Word
Greedy Words
CD or Download
13 Mb

Play dice-rolling word games alike Boggle. Choose from English, French, or Spanish modes and use the built-in dictionary to help you out

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Online Greedy Words
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New Releases
» Flip Words Link letters into words and discover the secret phrase!
» Boggle Carabiner Keychain Play Classic Boggle on a miniature set with 16 mni letter cubes
» Greedy Words Play dice-rolling word games like Boggle
Play Free Boggle Online Games
» Boggle Supreme Form as many words you can using the letters on the board. The letters must be adjacent and in the proper order to form a word.
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» Boggle Speed Flash Try to find french 5 letter words online, by Hasbro
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» Boggle Classic Play the classic Boggle game online develop by Krisborghs. Wait for the dictionary to load.
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» Boggle Reinvention Click Try it to play Boggle online flash games for free. Spell words by clicking adjoining letters as many as you can in 3 minutes.
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» Word Wrap Play online word games similar to Boggle
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» Big Boggle Play online Big Boggle or Anagram, Categories, Use All or the original standard Boggle by Parker Brothers
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» Flip Words Link red letters together into words. The first letter of valid words will be used to reveal letters in the hidden phrase. If you can't find any words click the shuffle button
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» Oberlander Boggle Custom Boggle webgame and Boggle random letters online generator.
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» Super What Word Super What Word free online game to play. Swap letters to make words
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» Greedy Words Roll to get new letters. Type in the letters once you've made a word.
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