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Scrabble games and variations plus Scrabble Dictionary electronic handhelds
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 Scrabble  Scrabble Blast  Scrabble Rack Attack  Word Wizard
CD or Download
6 Mb

Funkitron Scrabble is an alternative to Scrabble Complete by Atari. It's size is only 6 Mb compare to 212 Mb for Atari Scrabble, a.k.a. Scrabble 2.

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Online Scrabble
Scrabble Blast
CD or Download
11 Mb

The newest way to play Scrabble is a blast of word-finding fun. Imagine a Scrabble board with all the tiles laid out. Connect the letter tiles to form the biggest and highest scoring words you can find.

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Online Scrabble Blast
Scrabble Rack Attack
CD or Download
5 Mb

The newest way to play your favorite word game. Based on SCRABBLE you get a Rack of 7 letters how many words get you make from them?

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Online Scrabble Rack Attack
Word Wizard
4 Mb

Lay out from 30 to 100 different words on a board, all made from the same 7 letters, and all interconnected with each other! This is a challenging game created just for word game fans.

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Online Word Wizard
 Scrabble Handheld Game  Franklin Scrabble Electronic Dictionary  Scrabble Plus  Erudit
Scrabble Handheld Game
Popular Remote Control

Here is a Hasbro Scrabble electronic game called Scrabble Express.

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Franklin Scrabble Electronic Dictionary
Popular Handheld

Validates over 100,000 words and providing brief definitions from Merriam-Webster. Creates words from letter tiles and finding words from the letter pattern on the board. Endorsed by the National Scrabble Association. Automatic spell correction.

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New Scrabble Plus
CD or Download
33 Mb

It's SCRABBLE... plus a whole lot more! Download and play Scrabble games or Scrabble Plus, a re-imagined version of the classic scrabble word game. Play Scrabble Classic, Golf, Battle, and Scrabble Wizard.

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New Erudit
CD or Download
3 Mb

Two, three or even four persons can play at the same computer. Either computer or a player can be chosen as an opponent. This word game is similar to Scrabble.

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 Word Slinger  Super Scrabble  Scrabble Express  WordUp
Word Slinger
4 Mb

Word Slinger combines elements of Scrabble with a word puzzle to form an unforgettable and addictive gaming experience.

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Online Word Slinger
Super Scrabble
Popular Board Game

Super Scrabble game: more spaces (441 spaces compared to 225), more tiles, more points (and more fun)!

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Scrabble Express
Popular Handheld

Store all the Scrabble pieces in the handy plastic case and take it with you on the go. Be the first to score 200 points and you win. For 2 to 4 players. Included 12 letter dice and 1 One Minute timer.

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4 Mb

Put your vocabulary skills to the test. Fun word arcade game! To Get 3 game modes, More Power Ups and Features, download the PC version.

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Online WordUp
 Book Worm  Scrabble 3D  The Official Scrabble Players Dictionary  Scrabble Slam Cards
Book Worm
CD or Download
4 Mb

Link letters and create words to feed the hungry, hungry Bookworm! But watch out for fiery red letters... they'll burn your library down! It's Vocabulariffic!

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Online Book Worm
Scrabble 3D
CD or Download
212 Mb

Play Scrabble in 3D !! The Official Scrabble dictionary is included. You can also play Scrabble Multiplayer against friends over the Internet!By Atari.

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The Official Scrabble Players Dictionary
Popular Books

Stop arguiing with your Scrabble player friends over acceptable words. Use now the Official Scrabble Dictionary!

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Scrabble Slam Cards
Popular Handheld

Scrabble Slam is a high-speed four letter word card game. Fast- playing, card-slapping word-changing fun. Play Scrabble alike with Cards!

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New Releases
Scrabble Plus Play Classic Scrabble games or Scrabble Golf, Battle, and Scrabble Wizard
Erudit Play 2 to 4 player games either human or computer opponents
Scrabble Slam Cards Scrabble Slam is a high-speed 4 letter word card game.
Play Free Scrabble Online Games
Scrabble Scrabble Hasbro on line practice area. Drag and Drop the letters onto the board to make as many words and points before time ends
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Scrabble Blast Play Online Atari Scrabble Blast games and created by Funkitron. Select letters then click on the Score button.
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Scrabble Rack Attack Play Scrabble Rack Attack free online games
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Word Wizard Word Wizard Scrabble alike free game to play online
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Word Slinger Pick up words from right stack, place thm on the left side to create words online
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WordUp Test online your vocabulary skills with this fun word game.
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Book Worm Try Book Worm fun online word game. Link letters together to form words. Click submit when you have a complete word.
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Word Zen Mahjongg Reinvented Play online Mahjong with letter tiles in your Zen Garden and create long words for big points like in Scrabble!
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Hildas Family Scrabble Java Scrabble online game free to play
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