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Erudit Play 2 to 4 player games either human or computer opponents  Erudit
"Erudit" is a game the history of which goes back to the past. It is the most exciting intellectual word game in the world. Erudit will be enjoyed by those who like spending leisure time playing smart games. It fits both the thrilling single combat eye-to-eye and pleasant rest among friends and family. It is fascinating and brainstorming entertainment. It fits both the thrilling single combat eye-to-eye with your friend or computer and pleasant rest among friends playing the net game. To start the game with the computer or the player at the same computer choose menu «New Game». As a result you will see the icon of the new game settings. In this icon you can set the time a player is given to lead as well as to set your opponents. Either computer or a player can be chosen as an opponent. In case one of the opponents is set as «Player» when it is turn for this opponent the second player will take the control. Thus two, three or even four persons can play at the same computer.
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