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Scrabble 3D Download the Famous Scrabble Boardgame in Full 3-D Requirement: 64 Mb RAM, 3D video card
 Scrabble 3D
The World famous Scrabble game is available for download in 3D! This game is THE most popular game on our entire network. SCRABBLE is better than ever, with colorful, 3-D graphics and challenging new games. In addition to the traditional SCRABBLE game, you can enjoy a variety of mini games, including anagrams, rack grams, and tournaments to help users hone their SCRABBLE skills. Play Speed SCRABBLE for a quick fix, or customize the look of your board for a uniquely styled game. Play against the clock in SCRABBLE Blitz, or challenge up to four other players over the Internet or LAN. It's everything you love about SCRABBLE taken to a whole new level of fun. Scrabble 3D is aslo known as Scrabble 2.
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Requirement: 64 Mb RAM, 3D video card

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