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Super Scrabble Larger game board 441 spaces compared to 255 in the Standard Scrabble  Super Scrabble
America's favorite Scrabble word game is bigger & better than ever! Super Scrabble: more spaces, more tiles, more points and more fun! Now you can play a super sized new version of Scrabble, the best-selling word board game of all time. With 200 letter tiles (the original Scrabble only has 100) you can make words not possible in the standard Scrabble game. And the giant gameboard has nearly twice the number of spaces (441 spaces compared to 225). The added room allows your words to spread farther and faster than ever before! Gameplay follows standard Scrabble rules - so we'll bet you already know how to play! 2-4 players. Ages 8 and up.
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