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Tomb Stratego Online online game
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You have pieces in RED. All playing pieces can only move one square UP, DOWN, LEFT or RIGHT.

A strategy Stratego-like on line flash game. Your objective is to clear the the board (graveyard) of your opponent's pieces. Like Stratego, you see a playing piece only when it rises from the grave and you do not know if it will be on your side or your opponent's until it actually appears.

Each piece is allocated a strenght value from 1 to 6. In general,a higher ranked ghoul can kill another ghoul of equal oe lesser strenght. However this does not apply to pawn (ghost) - the pawn can kill the king, but the king cannot kill te pawn.

You win when all your opponenet's have been cleared from the board game. This game is also known as Tomb Chess, but actually the playing rules are more closer to Stratego than Chess. Have Fun!

2023 Flash Tomb Stratego is replaced momentarely by Win or Lose Stratego html5.
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