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Electronic Stratego Classic Two Player Strategy Game  Electronic Stratego
An electronically enhanced version of Stratego from back before personal computers were commonplace. Game play is the same as the classic board game except for a few interesting twists:

When you attack an opponent’s piece, the computer tells you whether you have won, lost, or tied. So you do not know the exact strength of the opposing piece. This feature makes the game quite a bit more interesting than standard Stratego.

Instead of moving one of your pieces on your turn, you can probe an opposing piece to find its strength. You will not be given its exact strength, but instead what range it is in (8-9, 5-7, or all else)

Bombs are no longer playing pieces but are hidden features on your side of the board that are programmed into the game.

Scouts can move and strike diagonally, and can strike from a distance.

The player who finds and captures his opponent's flag first wins the game.
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