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Dino and Aliens
Adventures of Dino, a small cheerful dinosaur, struggling with evil aliens.

Requirement: 32 Mb 3D video card, 128 Mb RAM, DirectX 7
OS: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP , 10 Mb

 Dino and Aliens
Once upon a time a flying saucer hid the sun. It landed rather obtrusively right in the middle of the garden where Dino grew his fruits. Aliens started climbing out of it, and there were many, so it was not clear how they could all have found room in the saucer. They also put laser plants and barrels with explosives everywhere, planning to explode everything and build here own colony on the ruins.

Help Dino to free his Green Land and enjoy numerous action, arcade and puzzle features, 35 unique levels, excellent graphics and marvelous music. For all ages.
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OS: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP , 10 Mb
Requirement: 32 Mb 3D video card, 128 Mb RAM, DirectX 7

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