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FunPark Beach Blast
Take charge of the rollercoaster and serve cotton candy for your summertime job

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Requirement: DirectX 8.1, 256 MB RAM
OS: Windows XP,Vista,7 and later , 21 Mb

 FunPark Beach Blast
Jamie wants to get into Big State University but her underpaying part- time job is not cutting it. To make sure that she doesn't end up in Small Town College instead, she's taken the grooviest summertime position at Fortune Beach Fun Zone. Now she's in charge of running the fastest rides filled with twists, dips and loops!

Fun Park Beach Blast Rollercoaster online video

You have to spend money for upgrades, improve moods with the VIP corral and serve cotton candy. This is a time management game and you have to take charge of the rollercoaster thrills in it.
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OS: Windows XP,Vista,7 and later , 21 Mb
Requirement: DirectX 8.1, 256 MB RAM

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