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Heart Buddy Yahoo
Automatically keeps track of cards while you play heart online games at Yahoo

Requirement: Sun Java, Internet Explorer 6.0 or newer
OS: Windows XP , 2 Mb

 Heart Buddy Yahoo
Heart Buddy is an auto card counting program developed for the benefit of the players of Hearts. It's programmed with an advanced function to keep track of all cards that are played by all members of the table. Perhaps you're one of the many Hearts Players who has trouble keeping count of who has played what card. Or maybe tracking moves has you on the verge of an overload. Whatever the situation, you need not become faint at heart! Find relief knowing that there's a sturdy and precise tool out there that will do the job for you. Precise and reliable, this Hearts auto will not miscount, nor will the program let you down in the middle of an important Hearts game or tournament.
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OS: Windows XP , 2 Mb
Requirement: Sun Java, Internet Explorer 6.0 or newer

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