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RCT3 Waterpark
Build your own water slides, coasters or create your own safari park

Requirement: 256 MB RAM 32 MB VRAM DirectX 9.0
OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista and later , 649 Mb

 RCT3 Waterpark
Create and Ride your own waterpark slides, tubes and extreme coasters. RCT 3 will let virtual tycoons design, develop, and profit from their very own water parks. Everything from slides to wave pools complete a large expansion that Atari is saying will outstrip any expansion for the series to date.

RCT3 Aqua Coaster

Grab a front seat for the ride of your life with the jaw-dropping Coaster Cam. See every detail in stunning 3D with fully controllable park cameras. Cope with changing weather patterns and enjoy beautiful vistas, sunsets, moonlight, and more. Experience the latest extreme coasters and heart-pumping rides!
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OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista and later , 649 Mb
Requirement: 256 MB RAM 32 MB VRAM DirectX 9.0

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