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The Sims Pool iPod
Play 8-ball or 9-ball pool iPod games

OS: iPod and later

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 The Sims Pool iPod
You too can hope to carry doom in a pool cue case while defeating your opponents in The Sims Pool. You can play one-off matches, engage in a pass-and-play contest with a human opponent, or create your own Sim and improve his friendship aspiration through victories against Sim opponents. Choose from 8-ball (sink all of the solids or stripes and finish with the 8-ball) or 9-ball (sink nine balls in numerical order), with the opportunity to practice either one any time. Use your hard-earned Simoleons to buy all kinds of fancy equipment at the SimShop, from specialty cases and cues to good-luck charms and more. Just remember these words of wisdom from the SimShop proprietor: “Lining up a good shot is like lining up your life.” Tip: Set the spin low on the cue ball to kick it back toward you after it strikes the target ball, or set it high to continue it along the same path. With that trick, you can set up your next shot or hit more balls during the same shot.
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OS: iPod and later

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