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Zoo Empire
It's a zoo out there, and you're in charge!

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Requirement: 16-bits 3D Video Card 32MB DirectX 9-compliant, 128 MB RAM
OS: Windows 98/98SE/2000/Me/XP and later , 634 Mb

 Zoo Empire
It's a zoo out there, and you're in charge! Go wild with your imagination running the most exotic, fun and exciting zoo ever. Tend to your animals' health, happiness and nutrition by hiring employees, and adopt new animals as you unlock the numerous features hidden within the game. Attend to visitors by providing facilities for them to eat, drink and buy souvenirs from as they revel in your zoo. Sporting flexible gameplay, choose from either the sandbox mode where you establish the rules of the game, or accept the challenge of graduating from rookie zookeeper to wildlife whiz in the challenging career mode! Keep your animals, employees and visitors happy, keep the money rolling in, and path by path, animal by animal, exhibit by exhibit, build your very own Zoo Empire!

Choose from over 40 species and subspecies of animals including both rare and endangered species. Adopt animals, landscape and build exhibits, hire and manage employees, and keep visitors happy as the money pours into your virtual zoo. Train your animals to perform in spectacular shows, you can save your animal profiles for your best animals to perform shows and promote your other zoos. Test your abilities as an financial whiz, or get your feet wet in the wonderful world of wildlife conservation. Choose from three train and boat designs as you set up touring facilities by laying out tracks or creating rivers for spectacular guided tours around your best exhibits. Build your own wildlife photo album by taking snapshots of your animals performing dozens of unique lifelike animations, all in full 3D. Not only is Zoo Empire fun, it is also the most realistic and educational zoo simulation.

Zoo animals include girafes, penguins, panda bears, gorillas, african lions, elephants and more.
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OS: Windows 98/98SE/2000/Me/XP and later , 634 Mb
Requirement: 16-bits 3D Video Card 32MB DirectX 9-compliant, 128 MB RAM

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