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Medieval Times

Medieval Castles, Swords, Cities and Quests
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 Medieval Quest  Shrek Castle Run Electronic HandHeld Game  Age Of Castles  Long Bow
Medieval Quest

Medieval encounter against bats and the ugly ogre.

Play online this fun flash game - free.

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Shrek Castle Run Electronic HandHeld Game
Popular Handheld

Play Shrek in Medieval Castle Run games on this electronic hand held game.

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Age Of Castles
9 Mb

Build up a castle, army, and economy to defeat the dark armies. Battle evil and rebuild the kingdom in this game of sword and sorcery. Battle over 60 enemies throughout the town in this fun strategy game!

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Online Age Of Castles
Long Bow

Fun! Play a medieval archery game online free.

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 Playmobil Knights Empire Castle  Lords of the Realm  Be a King 2  Medieval Conquest
Playmobil Knights Empire Castle
Popular Product

Awesome knights and castles play set. This magnificent turreted castle is ready to be defended against attack. With catapult, hoist, trapdoor, drawbridge, moat and battlements.

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Lords of the Realm
Popular CD-Rom

Lords of the Realm features authentic medieval history, multi-layered strategy, and lifelike battle action rendered in stunning visual detail.

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Online Lords of the Realm
New Be a King 2
42 Mb

Play Be a King and Defend your kingdom! Defend your minions from hordes of monsters and groups of bandits.

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New Medieval Conquest
CD or Download
527 Mb

Build a fantasy kingdom with over 35 buildings, control an army of heroes, conquer 4 massive worlds and fight and defend against more than 80 unique creatures with over 70 weapons, spells and pieces of armor.

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 Slay  Discovery Remote Control Dragon  Defender of the Crown  Medieval Lords Build Defend Expand

Slay is a simple to learn game of strategy and cunning set in medieval times. The island is divided up between the six players, and you must try to capture your enemies. Build your civilization!

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Discovery Remote Control Dragon
Popular Remote Control

Remote Control Dragon with realistic walking motion, fscreeching roar, ire breathing effects and growl. It features moving head and dorsal spikes.

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Defender of the Crown
55 Mb

Battle 5 cunning lords for control of medieval England. Compete in jousting and archery tournaments, and lay siege to your foes with catapults and Greek Fire!

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Online Defender of the Crown
Medieval Lords Build Defend Expand
CD or Download
529 Mb

The stakes of managing a medieval city are high: it's not about losing elections, but about losing the whole city!

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 Battle Castles  Tir a l arc  The Legend of Zelda  Geneforge
Battle Castles
7 Mb

Point, click, BOOM! Sail into incredible ship vs. castle battling arcade action like you have never seen before!

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Tir a l arc

Shoot your arrows to targets and enemies. Click "Jouer" to start playing archery games and use arrows and the space bar. Moving archery targets .

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The Legend of Zelda

Use Arrow Keys to move, ctrl to drop a bomb and space to attack.

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CD or Download
12 Mb

Fantasy role playing game. Use weapons, diplomacy and magic in your quest. Twelve different spells to learn and use. Dozens of item types to collect, use and trade.

Once you master Geneforge 1, try then Geneforge 2.

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Be a King 2 Play Be a King, construct new buildings and defend your kingdom
Playmobil Knights Empire Castle Knights and Castles play set ith catapult, hoist, trapdoor, drawbridge, figures
Shrek Castle Run Electronic HandHeld Game Shrek 2 Castle Run Electronic Hand Held Game
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Medieval Quest Play online this fun flash game -free- and fight against bats and giant ogre
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Lords of the Realm Set in medieval times, Excellent online catapult shockwave game. by Sierra
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Age Of Castles Build your Castle and conquer your land. Beware of Goblins, Orcs and the dreaded dragons.
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Long Bow Fun! Play a medieval archery game online free
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Defender of the Crown To become king of England, you must capture every castle in the land. You are defeated if your home castle falls to one of your enemies.
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Tir a l arc Play archery free games online. Shoot your arrows at moving targets
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The Legend of Zelda Drop bombs and attack ennemies. Fun RPG free online game to play.
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