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Play free 2 Minutes Football 3D online games
2 Minutes Football 3D online game
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Requirement: Shockwave

Top Alternative:
 EA Madden
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All the football you could want is here! Play College Bowl, Pro or All- Pro difficulty and try to score 21 points to advance. Now all players can customize their teams, make their own plays and play in different weather conditions. The 2007 College Bowl version sports awesome new features: Create your own plays, customize your players and design your own helmet.

To start a play, hit the UP arrow. After you’ve caught the ball or while the QB still has the ball, you can run using the mouse or arrow keys. To aim the ball, use the mouse to align the ‘scope’ with the receiver, click to throw. See in-game help for detailed instructions.
Credit: shockwave.com.

A Shockwave.com game.
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