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Play Bowling Solitaire. To play instead the original Java Bowling Solitaire by Tim Adam then enable java and reload this page (& perhaps use Internet Explorer)
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Bowling solitaire online game
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Requirement: Java

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A bowling theme solitaire card game

Pick one ball card and one, two or three pins that you want to remove. (If you have picked a ball card and want to change your selection, just click on the ball card that you now want. If you want to un-pick a pin, just click on it again.)

If you have picked just one pin, it must be the same rank as the ball card. (For example, a 5 can remove a 5.) If you have picked two or three pins, they must be next to each other and when added together the last digit must be the same as the ball card. (For example, a ball card of 5 can remove a 2 and 3, adding up to 5; or a 7 and 8, adding up to 15; or an 8, 8 and 9, adding up to 25; ...)

The first ball card played cannot be used to remove any pin from the back row. The first ball card also cannot be used to remove the middle pin by itself.

After one or more pins have been removed, subsequent plays must have at least one pin adjacent to a spot where a pin has already been removed. By Timothy S. Adam.

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